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Handcrafted Keto Milk Chocolate - Chocolate Coated Dried Organic Strawberries

Handcrafted Keto Milk Chocolate - Chocolate Coated Dried Organic Strawberries

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: Kindly be informed that due to our commitment to delivering the highest quality, we refrain from shipping our Keto chocolate in hot conditions. Your order will be promptly shipped when weather conditions are conducive to maintaining the integrity of the product, ensuring you receive it in optimal condition. Thank you for your understanding and trust in our dedication to quality.

Indulge in Pure Delight with Our Milk Chocolate Coated Organic Dried Strawberries!

Elevate your snacking experience with our handcrafted, small-batch, sugar-free delicacy. These keto-friendly treats feature the exquisite combination of rich sugar free Milk Chocolate, enveloping organic dried strawberries for a burst of natural sweetness. 

Our Aussie Organic Dried Strawberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, our strawberries not only add a delightful sweetness but also offer a burst of natural goodness. The numerous benefits of Australian-grown organic strawberries include essential nutrients such as vitamin C and manganese, these strawberries contribute to overall well-being and immune system support. Their antioxidant-rich profile, particularly in anthocyanins, aids in combating oxidative stress. Opting for Aussie organic strawberries ensures a chemical-free treat, cultivated without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Beyond health benefits, these strawberries offer a superior taste, aroma, and texture due to their organic cultivation methods. Additionally, supporting environmentally friendly practices, Aussie organic strawberry farming prioritizes sustainability, promoting soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation for a greener future.

At Halo Sugar, we understand the significance of maintaining a low-carb lifestyle without compromising on taste. Our commitment extends beyond flavour to embrace health, ensuring you can savour each bite with confidence. Indulge in the exquisite taste that redefines the boundaries of keto deliciousness.

Artisanal Touch: Due to our artisanal crafting process, each bite of our delicacy is unique in size. Please note that the nutritional information provided is an estimate, as our handcrafted process adds a touch of uniqueness to each bite, making precise measurements an approximation. 

We take great care to package our products to prevent any damage or melting during transit, but if your chocolate bar arrives melted, simply refrigerate it upon receiving it - it will still taste amazing. While we cannot take responsibility for any damage that occurs once the product leaves our facility, we want you to have the best possible experience with our products. Our customer care team is always here to help and ensure your satisfaction. Feel free to Contact us with any enquiries.

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