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Nature First Sea Salt Celtic Coarse 500g AVAILABLE NOW

Nature First Sea Salt Celtic Coarse 500g AVAILABLE NOW

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First and foremost the story our Celtic salt is a story of men and women deeply attached to their land and trade. In the 80s, a group of passionate salt marsh workers chose to counter the development threats their marsh was facing, and created a cooperative to protect their trade and the salt marshes where they worked - to preserve this natural wonder for generations to come. To this day they still use age old traditional wooden tools to harvest the crystals of the sea in a sustainable way. Also known as grey salt, or sel gris in French, our Celtic sea salt is harvested from the coastal area of Guérande, Brittany, France. Our premium Celtic salt is slightly "moist" and unrefined. The light grey colour is from the clay in the salt flats where it is collected, by traditional Celtic methods and considered by many to be the best salt in the culinary world.


Nature First Coarse Celtic Sea Salt is sourced from France and is packed in Australia. It comes in a 500gm re-sealable oxygen barrier bag to preserve freshness.


Refined salt is dried with extreme heat and "chemically cleaned". Leaving you with the dead chemical: Sodium Chloride, void of essential minerals and elements. Whereas our Nature First Celtic salt is naturally harvested straight from the ocean. Bring the fresh salty sea to your kitchen and table. Enjoy a richer salt taste and the beautiful natural colour of a storm ocean by keeping it in a clear or glass jar on the table or stove side to season with. Benefit from the natural quality of our ocean salt by using it in bath soaks or scrubs that you know are made by you with love and no hidden additives.


100% Celtic sea salt

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